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    TTi’s Dr. Eliza Fishbein, Ph.D. will be at a consultation session in Washington D.C. on 2/28 as an invited expert on FGM/C. The meeting, sponsored by the International Center for Research on Women, will focus on priorities for advancing research and programmatic action plans to address and improve mental health, with a particular focus on FGM/C. Dr. Fishbein has over 10 years of experience working with survivors of Female Genital Mutilation and/or Cutting (FGM/C), and on FGM/C policy-oriented initiatives. TTi’s recent FGM/C work has been focused on closing the gap between physician knowledge of FGM/C and survivors’ experiences with the goal of increasing FGM/C visibility in US based medical schools, training, and practices.

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    What's our reality star proud of? Creating jobs and doing the hard work to improve health around the world. Find out how our CEO April Zambelli-Weiner, Ph.D. answered 6 questions when interviewed by Baltimore Style magazine.