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    Today marks the end of National Public Health Week. The final daily topic was centered on ensuring everyone's right to health. For this topic, Dr. Matt Yuen offered his input, here's what he had to say, "We all have heard that health insurance deductibles and premiums are increasing. But why is this so important? Studies show that people with health insurance who can afford to pay their out of pocket costs are healthier than people who have trouble paying their out of pocket costs. Affordable health insurance is a must for a healthier population. TTi is actively contributing to lowering healthcare costs for everyone. At TTi, we utilize our health economics outcomes research knowledge to help companies prove that their technology is cost-effective at treating patients for the healthcare organizations. The increase in effectiveness and cost savings are then passed onto the consumers, which means lower out of pocket costs. Lower out of pocket costs translates to everyone having a better chance at a healthier life."