How Do You Know That?

Stakeholders will often tell you what they think they “need.” But accepting it at face value often means missing a golden opportunity to cultivate your value narrative. So, how do you accurately and fully identify stakeholder wants? How do you fully understand the “why” and “how” so you can tailor your value narrative accordingly, maximize your studies, and market more efficiently?

The solution sounds simple – ask the right questions to the right people. Or, in our world, conduct a qualitative study. Our qualitative studies give context to stakeholder issues by adding depth and details that cannot be measured numerically.

Do you want to maximize your studies and get the right endpoints the first time? Check out the case study below to see how our client was able to avoid doing the wrong study – and wasting significant time and money.

Unveiling Unexpected Provider Perceptions about Noncompliance through Qualitative Research: A Case Study

Our client needed to understand the facility perspective in implementing their new post-operative technology, compared to the current standard of care, to inform the decision of larger-scale research studies. Current patient noncompliance resulted in clinical repercussions, but little concrete knowledge of its actual effects on the facility, or physician perceptions on compliance and preferences existed.

We developed and executed a qualitative study, revealing several unexpected findings that cut against the preconceived value story. This new knowledge allowed us to dynamically adapt the client’s research plan, saving the client from repeating studies due to using the wrong endpoints. The resulting publication also enhanced community awareness of the technology and completely avoided the need for larger scale studies.