Combining Clinical and Economic Data to Tell Your Value Story

We recently came across a story discussing a market access strategy that we have used for many years.

The article explains why the result of combining clinical trial data with payor claims data is so enlightening by providing insight from a Medtronic executive who emphasizes that “You can actually look at populations who receive a clinical intervention and then look at claims data and see…, ‘Did that patient population have a decrease in healthcare utilization, if you will, in terms of avoidable cost?’ and create a really good story.”

Combining economic and clinical data is enlightening – it’s extremely valuable in telling your value story and should be included in your evidence generation plan. But what if you have studies underway and they don’t include economic data? Or they won’t be finished for a long time and you need to communicate your technology’s value NOW?

One of the most under-utilized and cost-effective ways to do this is to collect billing data from facilities participating in your studies. Medical resource utilization and charge data gleaned from patient bills can be used to build highly impactful facility and payor-focused value proposition.

In fact, we did a whole webinar around this topic which discussed:

  • Steps to enable billing data collection within a planned clinical study
  • Steps to retroactively collect billing data after prospective study completion
  • How to collect billing data as part of a retrospective study
  • The types of value-focused “stories” you can tell using billing data

Adding economic data to clinical studies is just one way that we can help you tell your value story.

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