Be the Signal: Leverage Your Existing Studies and Data

We recently shared a Medtech Gurus podcast which featured Dr. April Zambelli-Weiner, President and CEO of TTi, discussing the importance of thorough (yet time- and cost-effective) due diligence and planning on market access and adoption.

My regulatory studies are done, how can they still help my market access?

Building on your regulatory studies is a smart evidence generation strategy, when appropriate. While the majority of our clients seek our help years before FDA approval to maximize investments in development to support market access, there are still many opportunities to leverage the existing studies and data you already have to accelerate adoption and reimbursement.

For example, your regulatory studies can be expanded to serve a dual market access purpose by adding comparator groups and buyer-focused endpoints, including medical resource utilization and other economic endpoints. Any remaining data gaps should be filled with smaller, focused pilot and quality improvement studies to bolster your value proposition.

A word of caution: not all studies are created equal. A deep understanding of the market landscape and health technology assessment is required to know what type of studies and evidence will move the needle for you.

We back our recommendations with our success guarantee and our track record of moving the needle on policy and adoption. If you’re curious to learn more about how to de-risk your investments in evidence generation, please reach out to us.

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