Payer Value Perception: Why Would You Guess?

Are you hyper-focused on clinical development and getting through FDA? Are you wondering how the reimbursement landscape has changed post-COVID? Why would you guess?

Did you know that our most successful clients – meaning those who rapidly commercialize or exit their business after market entry – come to us, on average, 2 years before FDA approval and have invested in optimizing payer value perception and reducing payer value uncertainty?

How? Through a high-quality payer evidence program that includes Payer Advisory Boards.

Payer Advisory Boards are an important tool for unlocking insights into your technology’s value from the medical community perspective. Working with a Payer Advisory Board allows medtech companies to:

  • Gain consensus on payer definition of value in your indication and device area
  • Understand the evidence requirements specific to your product
  • Gain insights and buy-in to inform study and health economic modeling design to optimize market access

If you’re not wondering if you have the right evidence, you should be. Contact us for assistance