Onward in 2021: A Message from our CEO

As the dust settles on 2020 and we kick off 2021, I can’t help but be reflective and grateful.

2020 has devastated us and the human cost was too great. But 2020 also inspired us. I’ve never believed more in the passion and selflessness of our healthcare community and the power of technology to transform lives.

We’ve been tested like never before. We’ve got new problems to solve and old problems waiting for us. As a true leader, you didn’t accept it couldn’t be done or let someone else do it. You stepped into the arena and said – let it be me. We still have a lot of healing to do, but as a healthcare community, we’ve shown the world that when we collaborate and empower people, we can accomplish the impossible.

To empower you to help more people, we’ve transformed our organization into a new type of business for a new world. Running lean and embracing new business models has never been more important. For forward-thinking medtech companies embracing a value mindset, we now offer a single point of access to a market savvy team of world-class experts in regulatory, reimbursement, health economics, epidemiology and clinical research, technology adoption, and many others. Our flexible, cost-effective model enables you to make better decisions and hit milestones faster, with less investment.

There’s no time for costly mistakes, including research and evidence that is risky, protracted, drains capital and is disconnected from the market and the real world in which healthcare is delivered.

In 2020, we helped over 150 million people improve their health through access to new and improved medical technologies in areas ranging from cancer, PTSD, maternal and child health, diabetes, surgical supplies and prevention of adverse surgical outcomes, HAIs and cardiovascular disease, including heart failure, CRM and a-fib, among many others. We’d love to add you to this list of success stories in 2021.

With Gratitude and Optimism,