Our Evidence Moves Mountains

Getting a product to market and cash-positive can feel like climbing a mountain. Just like mountaineers, you must arm yourself with the equipment that will allow you to reach higher altitude – in the medtech arena, this is evidence of value. All healthcare stakeholders require evidence of value to adopt, implement, pay, support, and scale new technologies or programs; it’s the currency for decision making in our healthcare ecosystem and the fuel that runs your market access engine. At TTi, we move mountains with SMART evidence generation (SMART EVGEN™).


Our mission is to help medtech companies generate the right evidence at the right time to drive market adoption. Our evidence generation and synthesis team are leading experts in the ways the healthcare ecosystem uses evidence to make decisions and specializes in SMART evidence generation. We have the answers to important questions, like:

  • What type of evidence is best to answer a particular question?
  • How likely is the existing evidence or studies to answer a specific question?
  • What are the strengths and limitations of evidence and evidence synthesis as it relates to informing policy and practice?

Our SMART EVGEN™ produces the short-term, meaningful, attainable, real-world and triangulated evidence that your stakeholders need to make informed decisions – allowing you to get to market faster and for less investment.

Allow TTi and our SMART EVGEN™ experts to act as your Sherpa as you climb your way to market access and the future success of your technology. For more information, schedule time with our team.

Our solutions yield huge, short-term ROI:

  • $600M sale to Boston Scientific on a $700K investment (1.5 years)
  • 50 million lives of coverage added during COVID on a $1.3M investment in market access support, including evidence development and value communication (3 years)

You’ve got a big job to do, and we know the terrain and how to navigate it. Let us carry some of the burden.

Reach New Heights with TTi