It’s All About Incremental Success and Momentum

At the highest level, successful market access is about incremental success and momentum, as TTi President and CEO, Dr. April Zambelli-Weiner, recently explained on a recent episode of Medtech Gurus.

In order to prove and communicate your differentiated value story to the marketplace, you must have an effective strategic plan and understand the full breadth of your market landscape – and avoid losing momentum (and funds) by undertaking the wrong studies or analyses.

In our experience, companies that undertake the wrong study or analyses waste an average of 2.3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Early health economics, or “health economics lite”, can help to identify key value drivers, map out your key segments of the population that will benefit most from your technology or program, and bring focus to your strategic plan – keeping you from depleting significant resources and losing momentum.

Are you just beginning to develop your strategic plan, or does your current plan require realignment? Click below for insights from Dr. Zambelli-Weiner, or contact us for health economics support to bring focus to your plan.

April’s Insights on Medtech Gurus

We struggled to prove the cost-effectiveness of our technology and had done several less than favorable cost-effectiveness evaluations that wasted years and hundreds of thousands of dollars. TTi was confident that previous studies had underestimated our value. Their persuasive presentation of study design flaws convinced us to put our trust in them.

Once TTi was on board, we knew we were in the right hands. They conducted qualitative research with top clinical & academic experts prior to designing their database and cost-effectiveness analysis to ensure it was robust and comprehensive. The results firmly established our technology’s cost-effectiveness.

If we could go back in time, we would hire TTi two years ago.

Vice President, Global Market Access, Large Medical Device Company
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