Revenue Generation Roadmap Development


4Dx required a business case / return on investment (ROI) model to demonstrate their value proposition in interactions with sales prospects, to bolster and accelerate sales of their preclinical scanner. As part of a multifaceted project, TTi assessed key factors associated with the use of currently available, competing technologies by prospective customers. In-depth interviews with current and prospective customers identified by 4Dx were conducted, and usage metrics and perceived advantages and disadvantages of using existing preclinical scanners in research endeavors were examined. Findings from these interviews allowed the client to gain a deeper understanding of advantages, challenges, and barriers to the adoption of their preclinical scanner technology; key cost drivers essential to promoting adoption; variability in current protocols related to the use of competing preclinical scanners; and unique insights from prospective customers regarding additional factors that will influence adoption of the client’s technology by their institutions. These findings, as well as pricing, features, benefits, usage metrics and other information provided by 4Dx were used to develop two-interactive models (one for pharmaceutical manufacturers and one for research institutions) conveying customer-perspective costs associated with use of existing preclinical scanners vs. anticipated costs of utilizing the client’s technology in research endeavors.

We are really impressed with the level of experience and knowledge that Beth and April and the rest of the team have, and it is certainly helpful to me as a CEO. When I walk into a board room or sit down with staff or investors they expect me to know all of these things all the time and so it’s helpful to have you behind us. It’s critical to our success as a company to have access to the service and expertise you offer. I would highly recommend you to other folks.

Andreas Fouras, Ph.D., 4Dx