Evaluating Impact and Implementation of an Intervention for Improving Hearing and Enhancing Social Support


TTi is currently in the process of performing a quantitative evaluation of our client’s intervention to help individuals with hearing loss manage its effects. By analyzing the client’s data, including the Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Elderly (HHIE) and Duke Social Support Index (DSSI) patient questionnaires, our impact evaluation will provide an understanding of the degree to which the intervention reduces the impact of hearing loss and improves social support. In addition, TTi is also completing a process evaluation which will allow our client to gain an understanding of how well the program is being implemented and explore barriers to program participation. Results will assist their long-term goal of being able to replicate and scale the program. Our evaluation of the program implementation (including document review and interviews with program administrators and participants) will identify potential program changes that can improve participation and improve scalability.