Maximizing a Superior Safety Record to Develop a Rigorous, “Triple Aim”-Focused Value Proposition to Drive Facility and Physician Use of a CRM Technology


Our client’s cardiac rhythm management (CRM) technology had demonstrated a superior safety record, but the client required support in maximizing the safety of its technology into a compelling value proposition positioned around the triple aim of healthcare: to improve population health, improve the patient experience of care, and reduce the per capita costs of care to drive facility adoption and provider utilization. TTi carried out a discovery process, identifying key value propositions of the client’s technology to US healthcare facilities through a thorough review of the client’s body of evidence, existing peer-reviewed literature as it pertained to clinical and economic outcomes, and relevant hospital cost data sources. From the findings of our discovery process, TTi developed a peer-reviewed manuscript describing the “Triple Aim” value proposition, as well as an interactive value calculator (in accordance with the International Society of Pharmaceconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) guidelines for development of budgetary impact models) conveying the client’s technology’s value in improving population health, improving the patient experience of care, and reducing per capita costs of care. The model structure/design was informed by feedback from multiple healthcare facilities, collected via an extensive web-based interview process. To maximize the impact of the value calculator for the client, TTi also provided training and additional supportive materials to assist in effective presentation to facility decision-makers.