Qualitative Research to Reveal Provider Perceptions of Patient Noncompliance


TTi conducted a formative study of a diverse group of practicing ophthalmologists via phone interview to assess provider perceptions of patient noncompliance with steroidal eyedrops following cataract surgery, and noncompliance impact on practice. Our qualitative research allowed unexpected findings to emerge that may have otherwise gone undetected in quantitative studies with preset content and measures, and these were presented at a professional conference. The full set of findings can be used by our client to inform their design of larger-scale quantitative research studies.


We thought conducting an additional prospective, longitudinal study was the only path forward. TTi solved our problem in a way that felt almost like magic to us, but the statistics were rigorous, have stood up to peer-review and have made a tremendous impact on adoption of our technology.

Frank Vicini, MD, CMO, IntraOp