Reimbursement and Health Economic Assessments

[Regenesis Biomedical]

In order to fully assess and execute a market access strategy for their product launch, Regenesis Biomedical needed to develop a full understanding of the current standard(s) of care with respect to resource consumption and payer perspective costs associated with Painful Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy (PPDN), as well as reimbursement options for their technology designed to relieve symptoms of PPDN. TTi conducted a reimbursement assessment to define the appropriate patient population and usage scenarios for the client’s technology based on consideration of the current and evolving payer environment. Both traditional payer reimbursement (fee-for-service) and value-based reimbursement systems were reviewed as options for the client’s technology. TTi also conducted a Health Economics Standard of Care Assessment and Evaluation, which allowed the client to develop an understanding of resource consumption associated with the current standard(s) of care for populations, including detailed breakout of these by race, age and neuropathy stage. With the knowledge gained from these efforts, the client was able to develop a comprehensive market access strategy.