Commercialize Faster Post-COVID

If you’re a startup business developing your first product launch, we highly recommend this week’s episode of MedTech Gurus about anticipating success featuring Kevin Buckley and Neil Thompson of the Torrey Pines Law Group.

The Torrey Pines team makes some great recommendations about legal documents and agreements that should be in place before reaching successful commercialization to protect your intellectual property and company’s value. As the medtech landscape becomes increasingly competitive with more and more venture capital firms investing in life science and healthcare technologies, it’s more important than ever to position yourself for growth and success as early as possible in the product lifecycle.

Did you know?

Companies who invest in health economics and payer-focused studies early commercialize 60% faster than those who don’t.

TTi Health Research & Economics provides a multitude of solutions geared toward ensuring the success of startup companies and established corporations alike, including study design & management, health economic modeling, preclinical economic studies, clinical-economic studies, and market assessment landscapes & roadmaps.

We invite you to speak with our market access experts to learn about how we can help you succeed beyond the pandemic and stand out in the increasingly crowded medtech space.

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