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Bringing medical devices, biotechnology, and precision medicine to market is a herculean task – no matter what size company you’re operating or where your product falls within the product lifecycle.

We’re here to help you get your technology from concept to the patients who need it most in an efficient and cost-effective manner, no matter the size of your company. Our team is well-versed in every stage of development and we’ve got experts specializing in each stage of market access from clinical trial protocol design to health economic & cost-effectiveness studies to provider and patient engagement.

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We get it. Having once been a startup ourselves, we know firsthand the difficulty early-stage businesses face. We take a creative approach to help launch and grow your startup with access to thought leaders across all stages of product development as well as execution support that’s flexible enough for you – maximizing ROI on every dollar spent while minimizing risks along critical paths so you can make smart decisions quickly!

The experts at TTi will help you make the most of your reimbursement opportunities, offer strategic advice on how to best approach market access, and provide a clear path towards success.

Growth Stage Companies

Your’e well capitalized, but don’t yet have the ability to scale your market access team to compete with the industry’s biggest players. The experts at TTi can complement your existing team members and help fill in gaps in your commercialization strategy.

Our 50+ years of collective experience, diverse bandwidth, and breadth of knowledge and resources help you successfully navigate through commercialization challenges while capitalizing on your company’s opportunities. We take innovative approaches that are tailored for each client’s needs – including our proprietary SMART EvGen™ strategies which support your technology’s value propositions. Our advisory services with large-scale execution and study support are a perfect complement to your growing market access team.

Mid-Cap & Large-Cap Corporations

To sustain continued growth in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry, it’s imperative to not only offer a variety of products, but to also introduce new iterations of existing technology to meet the demands of the emerging precision medicine market. 

That’s why we offer niche MedTech consulting services tailored specifically towards helping mature companies with multiple product lines achieve sustained growth by providing real-world evidence generation, health economic modeling, and advisory services that help you reach commercialization goals faster while increasing adoption. 

Our experienced professionals are uniquely attuned to the market, offering market insights and bench depth to speed up commercialization goals and timelines, including market entry, early adoption and growth. We collaborate with your team to support and supplement existing research, fine-tune your commercialization strategies, and update your market access strategies for new products.

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When you partner with us, we work as an extension of your team, making your projects and goals top priority. As a result, we’re limited in the number of clients we can take on at one time and our waitlist fills rapidly. To ensure you secure a spot on our client roster for 2022, follow the link below to schedule an introductory call. 

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