Accelerate Evidence Generation

Conducting the “wrong” study or analysis can be a huge setback. And unfortunately it happens entirely too often. More than 75% of companies fail to consider payer-focused endpoints in their early studies, conduct studies on the wrong patient population, or use the wrong comparators.

Companies that undertake the wrong studies or analyses waste an average of 2.3 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Evidence generation doesn’t have to set you back, though. In fact, there are ways that you can accelerate evidence generation and subsequently minimize your time to market and maximize your ROI and revenue.Following these tips can help to accelerate evidence generation:

  1. Make use of existing data. Leveraging existing data, whether it’s yours or someone else’s dramatically reduces the time and money required to generate actionable evidence.
  2. Conduct early health economics. Investors, payers, and health systems expect more proof of ROI than ever before – and earlier. And, it must be externally validated. Calculations from within your organization won’t convey the necessary confidence.
  3. Align regulatory and reimbursement pathways. Doing this early (pre-regulatory) allows you to identify and align EvGen requirements and opportunities to leverage investments in studies and models to meet diverse stakeholder demands and accelerate market adoption.

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