Your Research Makes a Difference

May is National Women’s Healthcare Month, a time to highlight unmet needs in women’s healthcare and the innovative solutions that help make this world a bit brighter. At TTi Health Research and Economics, we strive to innovate, encourage, and inspire cutting edge technology, diagnostics, personalized treatments, and preventative solutions for unmet needs in healthcare.

This May, we’d like to highlight research focusing on unmet needs in women’s health. TTi helped to conduct the qualitative research and implementation of a pilot study for CDC/NCCDPHP/DRH. This study informed the development of a national survey/study to address women’s health issues in immigrant and refugee populations, including the prevalence of FGM/C. Our team was responsible for building rapport and balancing the needs of various stakeholders including CDC, NORC, and community members.

Take a look at our case study to see how impactful your research can be.

Just like this study, there are many unmet needs that deserve attention, care, and innovation. Together, let’s continue to break boundaries, learn, and innovate solutions to help bring women around the world the healthcare they need.

We know that it takes more than just evidence to solidify your value story. Let SMART cost-effective evidence generation be your guide when current pathways have you stuck at an impasse.

Do you have a study or startup technology focusing on women’s health? Or do you plan to start one?  Together, let’s make an impact and accelerate speed to patient! 
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