Predicting the future is achieved through a thorough analysis of what has happened in the past compared to what is happening right now. Our predictive models utilize early or preliminary data on product or technology benefits and are remarkably accurate in establishing future product value. TTI’s predictive modeling helps companies make decisions by providing information such as the projected relative cost-effectiveness of an innovative treatment option, the estimated budgetary impact of different patient management practices, or the potential net revenue to a provider of adopting a new product.

We also utilize predictive modeling to explore pricing strategies early in the product development cycle. An optimal pricing strategy helps ensure market acceptance by not overpricing products as compared to existing treatments as well as by not underpricing the additional value created by the new product.

We can combine detailed analysis of existing studies and literature with your current, often preliminary, data and convert this into actionable information that drives decisions and clearly communicates your product’s value.

  • Optimum Pricing
  • Value-based Models Predicting:
    • Cost-effectiveness
    • Cost-benefit
    • Budgetary Impact
    • Return-on-investment