Addressing the Gap Between Reimbursement Perceptions and Realities

Reimbursement is not a one-size fits all process.

Managing the ever changing issues is a critical component for market success in today’s environment.  Successful product launch or market adoption depends on effectively integrating reimbursement into the planning process. Whether developing a new product or managing established ones, proactively addressing reimbursement issues greatly increases the likelihood of securing and maintaining adequate payment and results in increased sales potential.

 Our experts will tailor your reimbursement strategy and execution to your individual technology and patient population. TTi provides a comprehensive range of reimbursement consulting services from hotline and support tools to health economics and peer-reviewed publications, including:


  • Reimbursement Assessments
  • Reimbursement Strategies and Strategic Planning
  • Coding Applications
  • Payment Monitoring
  • Payer Dossiers
  • Clinical Trial Support
  • Health Economics Modeling
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Peer-Reviewed Publications

Sales and Marketing Support

  • Reimbursement Hotline for Sales Support
  • Financial Models
  • ROI Analysis
  • Sales and Provider Training
  • Site Specific Coding and Payment Sheets
  • Site Specific Reimbursement Calculators

Reimbursement Hotline & Customer Support

  • Coding and Payment Questions
  • Payer Policy Verification
  • Payer Coverage Monitoring