Our experience across the health care and public health continuum – from patient-level care to the policy, payment, and regulation environment – make us uniquely positioned to help stakeholders study the implementation, activities, outcomes and impacts of programs.

Research and Analytics
  • Epidemiologic and outcomes research
  • Prospective & retrospective study design, including PRO and economic endpoints
  • Data analysis
  • Program statistics, trending
  • Study design, case definitions
  • Survey and tool development
  • Study coordination
  • Literature reviews and evidence reports
  • Meta-analyses
  • Formative research
  • Demonstration projects

Health Economic and Disease Modeling

  • Predictive analytics
  • Burden of illness analysis
  • Signal analysis
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Comparative-effectiveness research
    • Comparative safety
    • Cost-benefit
    • Cost-utility
  • Return-on-investment and NPV analysis

Program Development and Evaluation
  • Needs assessment and gap analyses
  • Logic model / theory of change development
  • Evaluation design
  • Data collection instrument development
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis
  • Technical assistance
  • Process and outcome evaluations


Health Communication

  • Message development
  • Message evaluation
  • Peer review
  • Meeting planning
  • Publication support
  • Curriculum development
  • Training
  • Value proposition development and dissemination
  • Interactive economic tools
  • Social media


  • We contracted with Dr. Zambelli-Weiner to conduct a literature review to address surveillance systems that identified health disparities among people with vision loss. The intent was to share this review with an international panel of experts in vision surveillance/research. Dr. Zambelli-Weiner completed an 80 page manuscript with additional supplements and completed two peer reviewed papers for publication.  The quality of this work was outstanding.  The review was systematic, thoughtful, and insightful.  The expert panel would have recognized any weakness in the presentation, and their comments were only positive.  I was, in fact, amazed that Dr. Zambelli-Weiner could conduct a review that was so complete given the short timeframe.  Having spent 35 years in this field, she taught me a few things in her work.–- CDC Vision Health Initiative

  • Our firm realized great value from the wide range of subject matter expertise TTI leveraged for our massive, rapid-turnaround data analyses. This Included chronic disease epidemiology, biostatistics, health outcomes clinical study design, pharmacoepidemiology and more. Frankly, we could not have completed the project without them. They met and exceeded our expectations under strenuous deadlines.–Confidential Commercial Client