Reliable data and cogent analysis are the foundation on which dependable strategy and planning are built. Knowing which indications are on the rise — or, more importantly, which ones have the greatest profit potential — can help you steer development in that direction. Comparing possible development paths can allow you to make a more efficient clinical plan.

Our experts can help you design reliable research studies that allow you to collect the data necessary to make sound strategy decisions and predict the realistic value of your product to guide strategy and planning. We can perform sophisticated conceptual modeling techniques to guide your acquisition assessment plan or establish optimal pricing strategies and conduct economic studies as part of your clinical research. From pre-discovery to retrospective actual use studies, we know planning for each phase is critical.

Our offerings include:

  • Claims Database Studies

  • Health Economics Models

    • Cost-effectiveness and benefit

    • Budgetary Impact

    • Return-on-investment

  • Payer and Provider Data Mining and Analysis

  • Piggyback Economic Studies

  • Pricing Models to Set Optimal Technology or Product Price


  • Prospective and Retrospective Study Analysis

    • Traditional Statistical Analysis

    • Economic Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Registries and Actual Use Studies

  • Retrospective Studies

  • Stand-alone Health Outcomes and Economic Studies

  • Systematic Literature Reviews and Meta-analysis