• The market demands value, and failing to effectively communicate the value of your product can result in restricted reimbursement, significant delays, and even denial to market entry.

  • To make an effective case for purchasing your product, you must be able to communicate your product’s value story to a variety of stakeholders with compelling evidence, and peer-reviewed publications lack the structure required for engagement with payers and providers.

  • Dossiers serve as a single, comprehensive and unbiased resource for your stakeholders in understanding your product’s value story, summarizing and showcasing the core evidence supporting your product – including clinical and economic benefits, safety, efficacy, and more, giving rise to bolstered value messages and providing your stakeholders with the ability to thumb through to the information relevant to their perspective.

  • While a value dossier serves as an all-inclusive document, it should not be a “data dump” – you should avoid incorporating too many tables or figures to ensure value isn’t lost in translation.

  • Value dossiers can help describe the elements of reimbursement (coding, coverage, and payment) and can be used in health technology assessments (HTA).

  • Your value dossier should be updated as new data becomes available.

  • Applying more than two decades of collective experience in creating compelling arguments supportive of adoption and payment, our experts can concentrate all the evidence supporting your technology into one document, transforming your communication with value dossiers.

  • Whether updating an existing dossier or developing one from scratch, our experts can assist with design (ensuring elements reflect your organization’s style guide); structure and technical documentation; communicating burden of illness, available treatment options/standard of care (SOC) and unmet needs; and present compelling product information, including intended use, advantages over standard of care (SOC) and competing technologies, impact on clinical workflow, and comparative safety, efficacy, clinical, economic, and other evidence in a way that’s engaging, easily digestible, and tailored to the needs of each stakeholder, region, and market segment.

  • To facilitate navigation of the dossier and make interactions with your stakeholders more engaging, we offer interactive dossiers (interactive PDFs, online platforms, and HTML/CSS for incorporating the interactive dossier into your website).


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