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Stakeholder & Influencer Mapping

  • There are other important players to consider in your market entry strategy in addition to your payers and providers; key opinion leaders (KOLs), medical societies, patient advocacy groups, and other influencers can have a significant role in getting your technology to market.

  • Weight of influence is community- and indication- specific.

  • With an intricate series of connections influencing the success of your product, understanding which players to focus on and how to best engage them is essential to a successful commercialization.

  • In this digital age, there are many online platforms, groups and forums where influencers are building community and sharing scientific data online.

  • Industry veterans (e.g., longstanding physicians in your target indication are that are no longer practicing, but have established credibility in their respective fields) can be a vital voice for your product – even if they themselves have never used it.

  • Building and convening advisory boards can be a game changer for your product.

  • With a network of experts across a breadth of specialties, we can identify and help to establish relationships between you and your stakeholders and influencers.

  • With an understanding of the level of influence that each player exerts, our experts can perform stakeholder and influencer mapping allowing for visualization of the relative influence each player has over decision-making, enabling early identification and prioritization of your key players (payers, providers, patients, KOLs, medical societies, patient advocacy groups, etc.) to inform your strategy and engagement approach.

  • We can build payer advisory boards comprised of current and former medical policy influencers and decision makers in a virtual or in-person format.


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Identify and Prioritize
Your Key Players

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