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Patient Engagement

  • Even if payers will reimburse and providers recommend a medical device, if patients are not engaged and interested in your technology, it will not have widespread adoption.

  • Patients are becoming more involved in their healthcare so medtech companies need to develop unique patient engagement strategies.

  • The FDA has called for patient engagement in clinical trials and set forth guidance to help incorporate input from patient advisors into clinical trial designs.

  • Having ways to promote patient engagement, particularly remote or virtual payment engagement options, will increase the likelihood of payer engagement.

  • Patient engagement strategies need to be matched to the type of consumer you are aiming to engage.

  • Patient collaboration at early stages of medical device development can increase patient engagement.

  • Develop patient engagement strategies and marketing materials that can explain the value of your unique medical device to patients.

  • Patient engagement specialists can help incorporate patient involvement in any step of project development and execution to help improve patient engagement with the medical device when released on the market.

  • Recommend additional ways to incorporate patient engagement with your medical device.


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