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Market Landscape Assessment & Roadmap

  • There will be many opportunities on your commercialization path to partner, conduct studies, and develop evidence. Not mapping those opportunities back to a clearly defined plan can lead to precious time and resources being diverted to a low-ROI opportunity.

  • A clearly defined roadmap is vital to minimizing your time to market and maximizing your ROI and revenue. Developing a clearly defined roadmap can give you – and your stakeholders – clarity and confidence in the steps you need to take to maximize revenue and rapidly increase adoption of your technology.

  • An incomplete or ill-defined roadmap will stunt your market access growth, delaying commercialization and revenue.

  • In addition to outlining your critical steps and their interdependencies, a market access roadmap also serves as a tool for budgetary planning and monitoring milestones.

  • Your market access roadmap should be developed prior to generating evidence, and ideally as early as possible, in order to capture and influence study design.

  • Different pathways will require different types and amounts of evidence, and getting beyond early adopters can require an entirely different approach & different evidence.

  • By conducting an initial market landscape assessment, which often convenes around key opinion leaders (KOLs) for stakeholder perspectives, our experts gain an intimate understanding of your technology and its potential application for its indications.

  • Reviewing pertinent literature, product or reimbursement assessments of your technology and comparator, coding advice, business and marketing plans, social engagements, clinical protocols, etc. allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities you will face in successfully developing and marketing your technology to stakeholders. Our industry analysis also enables us to understand potential value drivers that help us provide recommendations for evidence generation and value proposition messaging (these become inputs for your market access roadmap).

  • Informed by the findings of our market landscape assessment, we can develop a comprehensive market access roadmap giving you a clear understanding of traditional and non-traditional revenue opportunities across multiple markets; available coding options for reimbursement of your technology; critical near-term activities versus short-term activities; requirements for success, including estimated evidence generation; a plan for meeting all requirements, including protocol synopses for clinical studies necessary for success; and supportive activities needed (e.g., health economic models), including societal/foundational support.


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