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Evidence Synthesis & Modeling

  • Bringing a medical technology to market requires a compelling value story supported by substantial evidence, which often requires revisiting previous/existing bodies of research to identify and address data gaps and subsequently identify your value drivers.

  • Evidence synthesis and modeling shouldn’t be limited to identifying data gaps and value drivers, however. These activities can be performed to estimate burden of illness, demonstrate the clinical and economic value of your technology, evaluate comparative effectiveness, simulate outcomes, estimate budgetary impact, and more.

  • In summary, evidence synthesis and modeling is a critical component of building a compelling value story.

  • Quantitative evidence synthesis and meta-analysis can provide inputs into health economic models.

  • These activities can even help explore different pricing scenarios.

  • Findings from evidence synthesis and modeling activities can also be incorporated into powerful value communication products such as dossiers.

  • Our experts can synthesize large and complex bodies of research by performing meta-analyses strong enough to withstand scientific scrutiny for publication in the most prestigious medical journals.

  • Our expert team of health economists can perform health economic modeling (from basic decision tree and Markov models through the most complex discrete event simulations) from varying perspectives, and parameterized and validated through in-depth review of literature, consultation with expert panels, and derivation of data from supplemental sources, to convey value.

  • We can integrate these findings into your value story and develop strong communication products for each stakeholder.


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