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Medical Device & Precision Medicine Regulatory Strategy

  • Remaining compliant with regulatory requirements is critical to gaining and maintaining market access. Regulatory requirements are subject to change over time due to changes in policy and legislation, however, and these changes can upend the competitive landscape. It’s important to keep up with evolving policies and legislation and plan ahead.

  • An effective regulatory strategy that takes into account elements such as device classification, market needs, competitive landscape, cost/return on investment, reimbursement potential, health policy, and more can help create alignment between planned regulatory activities and your business strategy, and ensure you’re spending your resources on what matters most to stakeholders (the activities that will get you to market).

  • Having an effective regulatory strategy can also provide direction and help reduce the burden on medtech leaders looking to enter multiple markets.

  • Your regulatory strategy should be developed as early as possible. Delaying development can cause you to undertake the wrong studies or analyses, and significantly deplete resources.

  • Market research plays an integral role in helping to navigate the regulatory landscape and informing regulatory strategy.

  • An effective, competitive regulatory strategy can block competitors from entering the market.

  • Our experts can help identify and evaluate potential regulatory pathways for your product (e.g., PMA vs. 510(k) pathways) based on its classification.

  • We can help identify and evaluate your target markets and their needs.

  • With our comprehensive policy research and monitoring, market research, and ROI models, we can help devise an effective regulatory strategy and streamline the process of gaining and maintaining regulatory approval.


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