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Data Analysis & Biostatistics

  • The large amounts of data you generate must be analyzed and translated in order to make a compelling argument to your stakeholders and influence decision making in your favor.

  • It’s often necessary to collect data from disparate sources, which can make data analysis even more complex. Likewise, synthesizing and deriving conclusions from large, complex, and often conflicting bodies of research through meta-analysis requires statistical expertise.

  • Statistical analysis plans (SAPs), which expand on the statistical methods of the study protocol and describe those methods in detail, as well as planned presentation of the study data and analyses, are typically required for all projects requiring inferential and/or descriptive statistical analysis (this may include both observational and intervention studies).

  • Biostatistics plays an integral role in advancing healthcare – from identifying the cause of disease to impacts of treatment – it helps make sense of data and support healthcare stakeholder decision-making.

  • There is risk involved in data analysis; each analysis dataset should be checked for accuracy and appropriateness (statistical and secondary review) to ensure the statistical outputs are accurate.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to bring together and more easily analyze disparate sources of data and detect patterns independent of human intervention.

  • Our highly-trained biostatisticians provide expert execution of biostatistics and data analysis (including clinical and economic data analysis, disease models, literature review and meta-analysis, payer and provider data mining and analysis, sample size calculations, and secondary analyses of existing data) and can translate data output into easily understandable, meaningful evidence and messaging.

  • Following best practices, our experts can develop your statistical analysis plan (SAP) specifying key components such as primary and secondary (and exploratory) outcomes, statistical techniques to be used, planned presentation of the study data and analyses, specific variables corresponding to baseline and follow-up measures, and more; and develop deliverable shells clearly communicating results in a readily interpretable fashion (and using templates specified by a regulatory agency – or client template/preference when not applicable) to accompany each SAP.

  • With TTi as your development partner, you can expect a team that comes prepared not only to meet your analytical needs, but to exceed your expectations by offering strategic insight and practical, cost-effective solutions.


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