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Provider Engagement

  • Increasing healthcare provider engagement can also help increase the likelihood of patient and payer engagement.

  • Medical devices and innovative technology that allow patients to engage with their medical provider to share information, particularly with an EMR, can greatly improve the level of care providers give their patients and are of great interest to healthcare providers.

  • Payers are interested in increasing provider engagement through value-based care and decreasing administrative burden on medical providers.

  • Provider engagement strategies can include both the provider engaging with the medical device and the provider engaging with the patient to recommend or promote your medical device.

  • Partnering with a KOL can help increase the likelihood of provider engagement and assist in developing provider engagement strategies.

  • Improvement in clinical outcomes is the most important, though not only, benefit of encouraging healthcare provider engagement.

  • Develop healthcare provider engagement strategies to highlight the points of the medical device that would be most appealing to medical providers.

  • Provider engagement specialists can help incorporate provider engagement strategies in any point of project development and execution and bring in relevant KOLs, if needed.

  • Develop materials that showcase the clinical benefits of your medical device in a way that is clear and easy to digest for physicians to encourage provider engagement and adoption.


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