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Literature Reviews

  • When bringing a product to market, you must challenge what you know and how you know it. Literature reviews are fundamental to due diligence and challenging pre-existing knowledge to ensure your product serves a purpose in the market.

  • Compelling value stories are hinged on evidence of comparative effectiveness (in terms of both clinical outcomes and cost) against the current standard of care (SOC). Without first understanding burden of illness and SOC for your target indication, you can’t make an effective case for its adoption.

  • With a treasure trove of literature available, conducting a review can help you to evaluate market potential, gain competitive insights and identify unmet customer needs, demonstrate value and cost-effectiveness, evaluate reimbursement potential, form the basis of meta-analyses, identify inputs and parameter estimates for models, avoid duplicative research, and inform marketing strategies.

  • Literature review isn’t just essential to due diligence, it fortifies all stages of the product development lifecycle.

  • Undertaking a literature review requires a search protocol that ensures your search strategy is robust and reproducible.

  • Literature reviews should be objective.

  • With our expertise in nomenclature and evidence synthesis, our experts can develop a protocol for your search strategy (defining eligibility criteria and developing search terms for locating literature relevant to your technology) and conduct preliminary searches to ensure all relevant literature has been captured.

  • Following a vigorous scientific process for identification and synthesis of eligible studies, our experts can identify and summarize all results associated with the topic(s) of interest and develop an outline for the literature synthesis, including table shells and suggested graphics to convey the findings.

  • Following approval of the outline, we can draft a full report highlighting the purpose, objectives, methods, results and conclusion to help build your value proposition.


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Conduct a Literature Review

Challenge your knowledge and conduct a literature review to gain a comprehensive understanding of your value differentiators and identify inputs and parameter estimates for health economic models.

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