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Pricing & Contracting

  • Determining the appropriate price to charge for use of a medical device is a delicate balance to maximize both profits and access.

  • Facilities are transitioning from fee-for-service to value-based pricing which have major impacts on how price is evaluated.

  • Value-based contracting allows for higher medical device pricing when there is evidence of significant cost savings.

  • Price and cost are different and both may be considered when determining medtech pricing and contracting.

  • Medtech pricing and contracting differ based on facility and payer, with the larger facilities dictating the prices.

  • There are different types of contracts which affect medtech pricing; understanding the contract can help you negotiate for the best price.

  • Develop costing models to help show the value of a medical device by looking at cost savings to play a part in determining medical device pricing.

  • Combine clinical and health economic data to illustrate the full value story of your medical device with strategic pricing for your medical technologies.

  • Create pricing and contracting strategies that align with the payment method at the desired facility or payer.


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