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KOL Identification

  • Identifying the best KOL can help drive projects in the most productive and useful direction, provide greater credibility to study results, and help increase the chance of publication in a high impact journal.

  • KOL identification and mapping can bring top experts to your team that can influence buyers to adopt your medical device.

  • The KOL identification process will highlight if there are any partnerships that can be leveraged to help move to the next step in launching your medical device.

  • Research shows that high-impact recommendations (such as that from a KOL) are up to 50 times more likely to trigger a purchase than a low-impact recommendation.

  • Identifying and selecting a KOL early in the project can help you reap the most benefit of their expertise, but a KOL can be an invaluable addition to your project team at any time.

  • KOL identification and mapping will reveal different leaders as the top choices as your medical device moves through different phases of implementation.

  • Access to our dynamic workforce provides a network of experts across a wide spectrum of medical and research fields for KOL identification and KOL mapping.

  • Ability to merge a deep care and understanding of the needs of your company with expertise from the field and knowledge of the KOL identification and mapping process to identify the best KOL for your project.

  • KOL identification can provide access to partnerships that can be leveraged to improve access to your medical device.


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