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Put simply, TTi Health Research & Economics is devoted to improving human health. Research is the vehicle to bring practical, innovative, and often life-changing policies, programs, and technologies to those who need them. The people we serve can expect world-class technical expertise in addition to creating meaningful, trusted, and lasting partnerships. Leveraging our passion for people and the technical knowledge for the greater good is our reason for being.

Our mission is to help healthcare stakeholders demonstrate value to adopt, implement, pay, support, and scale technologies & programs to improve human health smarter, faster, and more cost effectively. TTi bridges the gap between healthcare professionals, payers, and providers, helping you bring your device into the hands of the patients who need it most.

We provide:
• A full range of clinical and epidemiologic research and health economics support activities.
• Strategic market access support.
• Program evaluation and support.
• Consulting services to medical devices, biotechnology, and healthcare payers. 

We help clients effectively develop, prove, and communicate the value of products, programs, and policies.

Utilizing veteran health economists, epidemiologists, market access experts, observational study coordinators, biostatisticians, and medical writers, TTi is the ideal partner to develop and communicate product value to a diverse and evolving marketplace. The breadth of our experience across the healthcare and public health continuum – from patient level care to the policy, payment, and reimbursement environment – makes us uniquely positioned to help clients achieve market adoption.

Every day we find new, innovative ways of propelling clients to a premier spot in the marketplace.

We spoke with a couple of different vendors… TTi was the only group that understood our long-term research vision, but provided very practical, interim steps to take us down that path. They allowed us the flexibility to think and act as a smaller company. TTi has been an enormous force in helping us develop a robust research program. We greatly appreciate the collaboration.
VP, Clinical Affairs, Gynecological Medtech Company
It was such a relief to find in TTi a vendor that knew exactly what we needed, that understood our constraints, and that really gave a crap about helping us develop the right study to meet our needs and improve market access for our product. You guys are smart, decent folks, with the grittiness and resourcefulness to get the job done and get it done well.
Howard Merry, Neba Health
I’ve developed a lot of trust that when we set something out together, as a team, and establish a shared vision of what we’re looking for, I can trust that they will deliver.
Kyle Chenet, 410 Medical
I enjoy the interactions a lot. People have been all extremely helpful. Many times I have come to you guys with requests that I need answers to last night and everybody is accommodating. We are always running 200 miles an hour over here so, people who understand that and make my job easier. I would say that you guys make me look good in front of my boss!
MedTech Leader, Ultrasound Technology Company
We are really impressed with the level of experience and knowledge that Beth and April and the rest of the team have and it is certainly helpful to me as a CEO. When I walk into a board room or sit down with staff or investors they expect me to know all of these things all the time so it’s helpful to be able to have you behind us. It’s critical to our success as a company to have access to what you offer. I would highly recommend you to other folks.
Andreas Fouras, 4Dx
Our project was not a standard, cookie-cutter model; it required getting in the weeds and really understanding the intricacies of the complex condition, the intervention, and the complications. I was impressed with the team’s professionalism and the high level of quality of the work products. This team represents excellence in what they do.
We were getting really frustrated and started to feel like the entire field was filled with folks who didn’t listen and wanted to charge a lot of money for it. But TTi listened to me from our first conversation and understood what my end points were immediately and understood what kind of help we needed. Sure enough, when we asked for a proposal they returned with a proposal that matched our needs and took into consideration the size of our company and our budget.
Howard Merry, Neba Health
There are specific needs we have as an organization, and I’ve found two things. One – that the team of people you have at TTi are very effective at helping me meet the needs that we have as an organization, and two, that we enjoy working with you.
CEO, Medical Device Company
Prior to working with TTi we struggled to prove the cost-effectiveness of our technology. In fact, several less than favorable cost-effectiveness evaluations were published. TTi was confident that the previous study designs had biased the results and underestimated the value of our technology. Once we brought TTi on board we knew we were in the right hands. The results firmly established our technology as well below accepted thresholds of cost-effectiveness. If we could go back in time, we would hire TTi two years ago.
VP of Global Access, Large Medical Device Company
The TTi team was always very reliable, thorough, and trustworthy. They do really good quality work and value you as a partner. You can trust that the work they do is going to meet your expectations. We’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of the asset they developed for us.
Cynthia Castro Sweet, Omada Health
We thought conducting an additional prospective, longitudinal study was the only path forward. TTi solved our problem in a way that felt almost like magic to us, but the statistics were rigorous, have stood up to peer-review, and have made a tremendous impact on adoption of our technology.
Frank Vicini, MD, IntraOp
The TTi team provided us with smart, adaptable tools that could grow along with our company. Working with them enabled us to have a significant head start in developing and proving the value of our technology. We saved a lot of money and time by working with them from the very beginning.
Breanne Everett, MD, Orpyx
Our contract payer relations team told us that these were the best CE tools they’d ever worked with. Within several months we saw a significant increase in the establishment of favorable coverage policies.
Mark Massanari, PharmD, Circassia

Let’s Partner to Improve the Healthcare Market

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