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Mixed Mode Research Studies

  • While different stakeholders have different perspectives and factors to consider when evaluating new products, each requires evidence of value (in terms of comparative clinical- and cost-effectiveness).

  • It might not always be feasible to add a comparator arm into your clinical studies to collect comparative cost or outcomes data, however. To produce the level of evidence that your stakeholders require, it may be necessary to acquire data from several disparate sources.

  • Mixed mode research involves more than one method of data collection, making it possible to collect the data you need when it may not be feasible to collect it from a single mode (e.g., by adding a comparator arm to your clinical study), which can help control costs. It can also be used to gain insights from key opinion leaders (KOLs) via survey, telephone interview, and more – among other uses.

  • Both quantitative and qualitative studies can take a mixed mode approach.

  • Charge data (gleaned from patient bills) can be collected prospectively from your clinical study while comparator charge data is collected retrospectively from a supplemental data source (e.g., a nationally representative administrative claims database). Selecting a supplemental data source can be challenging, however, as it must be representative of your patient population.

  • Many national health surveys undertake a mixed-mode design.

  • Our experts in data creation at every level of the healthcare ecosystem can help design, execute, and analyze mixed mode studies to generate the evidence you need to build highly impactful, facility- and payer-focused value propositions and gain insights into how well your value proposition will resonate with your stakeholders.

  • We can select the appropriate data sources, ensuring supplemental data sources are robust and representative of your patient sample and identify KOLs.

  • We can perform exploratory data analyses to identify interesting patterns in specific categories of your data, enabling more detailed comparisons of your technology to its comparators.


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