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Value Messaging Development

  • Value analysis is the ultimate process by which customers and key stakeholders beyond the individual provider (facilities, VACs, health systems, payers, clinical societies who govern guidance) will assess the technology for payment and adoption.

  • The overarching concepts that must be incorporated into your value story are those of combined clinical improvement and cost-savings or reduction.

  • Different stakeholder groups have contrasting definitions of value and weigh various types of evidence differently, and your value proposition must resonate with each.

  • Today, clinical outcomes and short-term cost-effectiveness are the main value drivers for value analysis committees (VACs).

  • Developing a compelling value story is not a one-size-fits-all activity.

  • Value stories addressing the overarching challenge/unmet need of provider organizations are likely to be more influential in hospital technology-acquisition decisions.

  • Through thorough review of publicly available clinical, health economics, or technology assessment literature, as well as landscape assessment (formal and/or informal), competitive analysis, health economic modeling, and other tactics, our team can identify your key value drivers according to your target market, customer segment, and stakeholder group.

  • We can determine and develop the key value messages you should convey and ensure that they resonate with your stakeholders by convening KOLs and advisory boards, and develop and execute the evidence generation strategies necessary to bolster your value messages.

  • We can develop “talk tracks” (extended talking points from your key value messages) to be delivered with presentations and deliverables for stakeholder engagement.


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Develop a Compelling Story

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