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Outcome Mapping

  • Outcome mapping encourages and requires collaboration and consensus among all stakeholders, helping them plan and work toward agreed upon results and goals.

  • With its ability to promote stakeholder alignment across integrated delivery of care, health system outcome mapping has the ability to foster information sharing, trust, and coordinated change across the entire health system.

  • Outcome mapping can be used to identify gaps and boundaries within the care continuum to improve the quality of care delivery and health outcomes.

  • Health system outcome mapping is designed to handle complex systems and encourages changes within the whole system, rather than a single actor.

  • Outcome mapping can be done at the planning stage of integration or as an evaluation approach to help continued change to be more impactful.

  • Outcome mapping is an iterative process with many methodologies within the body of literature.

  • Our experts can develop and execute a comprehensive outcome mapping plan for health system integration to meet the unique needs and challenges of your health system using the best methodology for you.

  • A key to outcome mapping success is including all relevant stakeholders, which our experts can help identify.

  • Our experts can take the results of outcome mapping to recommend changes that would help move your health system toward its overarching goals and desired results.


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