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Health Technology Assessment & Strategy

  • HTA is increasingly being used as a translational tool for informing decision making in healthcare.

  • HTA provides a framework for evaluating whether the price of medical technologies is justified by their benefits to patients.

  • A key challenge for medtech developers is understanding diverse and evolving HTA evidence requirements and frameworks.

  • Components of HTA can include clinical validity, clinical utility, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Regulatory agencies, payers, clinicians and patients, health professional associations, hospitals, healthcare networks, group purchasing organizations (GPOs), local health departments, and policy makers, amongst others, can rely on HTA to guide decision making.

  • HTA for the US healthcare system reflects our decentralized insurance system and lacks a standardized approach, leading to inconsistent decision making in HTA; the same evidence can be evaluated differently by different stakeholders.

  • With extensive knowledge of health technology assessment frameworks (and experience with National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) submissions), our experts can devise and execute a comprehensive HTA strategy utilizing SMART evidence generation strategies.

  • Performing gap analyses, we can support you in assessing existing evidence and provide strategic recommendations for successful HTA submissions.

  • Our team of economists, analysts, scientific writers, and advisors can perform health economic modeling (e.g., budgetary impact and cost-effectiveness modeling), assist in value messaging development, and develop value dossiers to support HTA submissions.


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Don’t Get Lost in HTA Frameworks

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