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Interactive Models & Calculators

  • Data visualization (model engineering) can transform complex health economic models into powerful sales tools.

  • Interactive models and calculators allowing for direct input on a range of parameters provide real-time estimates of cost savings, enabling stakeholders to make more informed decisions customized to their own use case (i.e., in terms of their own patient populations and costs).

  • These tools allow large sets of data to be easily digested and can illuminate correlations between datasets.

  • Health economic analyses can be performed from several perspectives (e.g., payer, facility, societal, etc.).

  • Health economic modeling helps to inform policy decisions.

  • Interactive models and calculators can be incorporated into additional value communication pieces to communicate value beyond payers and VACs.

  • Our experts can transform complex health economic models into value selling tools.

  • Developing interactive ROI, budgetary impact and cost-effectiveness calculators with a customized graphical interface, function controls, and display animations in alignment with your style guide (and adaptable to any device based on your needs of marketing or knowledge sharing), your stakeholders will be able to view details on costs and outcomes benefits, as well as graphical summaries of benefits, and perform live, interactive statistical calculations to fully understand the potential value of your technology and make data-driven decisions.

  • Our interactive models and calculators are validated and parameterized through in-depth review of literature, consultation with expert panels, and derivation of data from supplemental sources.


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