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Customer & Market Segmentation

  • A single umbrella marketing campaign won’t appeal to your customers; profiling your customers allows you to leverage the right data to sell your product.

  • In a crowded marketplace, competitive strength is essential to the success of your technology.

  • Effective customer and market segmentation can help you identify competitors, market segments, market niches, and business opportunities for your product, while ensuring you’re allocating your resources appropriately.

  • Customer and market needs vary by facility type (e.g., integrated delivery network (IDN) vs. community hospital), geography, and more.

  • Innovators (the first 2.5% to adopt your project) differ from early adopters (the next 13.5%), and early adopters differ from the early majority (the next 24%).

  • Procedure data can be instrumental in market segmentation.

  • Our experts can perform market segmentation as a tool to identify customers best served by your product and provide you with an understanding of your healthcare buyers’ motivations when evaluating your technology.

  • Our market segmentation data allows you to successfully forecast and plan with enhanced knowledge of customer needs, ensuring that you’re focusing your resources on effective, differentiated engagement, methodologies, and data to influence decision-making in your favor.

  • We can convene key opinion leaders to ensure your value proposition resonates with each of your customer segments.


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Avoid Siloed Planning

Contact our experts to ensure you’re targeting the right customers and market segments with the right data to position your product for success.

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