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Reimbursement Support

  • FDA approval does not guarantee a medical device is accessible to those who may benefit or will be adopted as a standard practice; reimbursement approval is key to market access.

  • The sooner a medical device is approved for reimbursement, the earlier it is accessible to the target patient population; reimbursement and patient access support can set you up for the best chance of approval the first time.

  • Cost-effectiveness is key for reimbursement approval and requires a team that specializes in reimbursement support and health economics to showcase the full value story of your medical device.

  • While clinical decisions support reimbursement decisions, it does not guarantee reimbursement from payers; health economic studies and models can help persuade payers to cover your medical device and grant market access.

  • There are multiple reimbursement systems, each with different ways of evaluating what medical devices to reimburse; reimbursement support services must be targeted to the reimbursement strategy of the desired payer.

  • Reimbursement decisions are extremely complex and can be impacted by congressional decisions.

  • Our experts offer a wide range of reimbursement support services to allow the development and execution of health economics studies that will present the most persuasive value story to your desired payers.

  • Reimbursement and patient access support from our team can help walk you through the reimbursement process to get approval as soon as possible and position yourself in the best place in the market.

  • Leverage both clinical and cost information between your medical device and your competitors using the best practices to aid support reimbursement applications.


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