Many companies clear the hurdle of regulatory approval only to come crashing into the brick wall created by the U.S. payer system.

A recent Deloitte study indicates that investors are looking to fund innovative and scalable technologies that offer strong clinical outcomes for patients. We see investments being made in later stage, relatively de-risked, and established companies where challenges related to clinical trial data, regulatory approvals, and reimbursement are less of an issue.

How can I overcome this barrier?

We’ve helped companies struggling to make it out of the “valley of death.” Clients face a unique set of challenges when it comes to commercializing their products, making it difficult to secure early-stage investment. The key to avoiding wasted resources is providing strong clinical evidence and establishing reimbursement strategies early on.

Fact: Reimbursement is the Key to Market Access.


Have you seen this?

Payment pathways can be unclear, inconsistent, and MedTech strategics can be conservative with their investments, especially for companies that have developed non-traditional technologies or are pursuing new markets. Payers are concerned with how each variation of your product changes physician behavior, improves outcomes for patients, and demonstrates economic benefit over existing solutions.

These are landmines that can explode and result in lost time, effort, and true investment. With the right market access roadmap, you can avoid running into fatal barriers on the road to success.

Evidence is your flywheel that can accelerate market access.

TTi’s Health Economic Modeling (HECON), value analysis, value story, and market landscape assessment services can help you bridge the gap and take down the barriers in your way utilizing SMART evidence generation.

Avoid wasting resources and partner with us on your journey to market success. We’ll help you break down barriers with considerably less spending.

Break Down Barriers with Health Economic Modeling
HECON with a Limited Budget

Even starting with a pilot study can inform large-scale, definitive studies that can give you an edge in the marketplace.

Create buzz around your technology to attract a following that is invested in your value story today!


Find out how your evidence stacks up