Experience Across the Healthcare Spectrum

TTi has vast experience in accelerating market opportunities for top manufacturers across the cardiovascular, respiratory, oncology, orthopedic, surgical, wound care, IoMT and mHealth, and other specialties.

We recognize the unique challenges each sector faces in or rapidly-evolving marketplace and can help you position your technology on top. From policy changes to to shifts in marketplace demands, TTi specializes in positioning devices and maximizing revenues within an increasingly competitive market.


With rising costs, hospitals that were once quick to adopt promising cardiovascular technologies have become cautious in purchasing decisions, raising the barrier to market entry. For cardiac device manufacturers who can overcome these obstacles, the market can be highly rewarding. With the heights you have to climb to get to market, it’s critical that you have a partner with a complete understanding of the cardiac landscape and the specialized experience to help get you there.

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While the orthopedics market was expanding pre-COVID, the outlook remains stable. Recovery will rely on surgeries being rescheduled with overall trends more positive for minimally invasive procedures and robotics. The high prices of orthopedic implants, surgery-induced risk factors, and a growing number of product recalls have elevated the barrier to market entry. It’s critical that you have a partner with considerable knowledge of orthopedic value propositions and specialized experience in this area.

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The growth of oncology devices has been driven by increased prevalence and incidence of cancer, favorable reimbursement policies for interventional oncology treatments, the desire for less invasive surgical procedures, availability of private and governing funding, a vast need for early detection, and other factors. Rising above the competition requires a partner that knows the oncology landscape, key value drivers, and has the specialized experience to propel you into the marketplace.

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The diagnostics sector is driven by innovation in both equipment and in clinical and research applications. The rising number of diagnostics locations and point of care testing centers has contributed to expansive growth of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) segment in particular. Reimbursement cuts will put downward pressure on profit margins, making capturing market share in diagnostics challenging. Success in the diagnostics marketplace requires a partner with knowledge of the landscape and specialized experience.

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Growth in the surgical device market is driven by factors that include an increase in surgical procedures, a growing demand for surgical tools (including robotics), and an increasing incidence of chronic diseases in an aging population. In particular, the surgical robotics segment is expected to vastly expand the market with its potential to revolutionize almost any type of surgery. Gaining a share of the surgical sector requires a partner with advanced knowledge of the landscape and specialized experience.

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Wound Care

The wound care market is growing, driven by a growing incidence of chronic wounds, increasing demand for reducing hospital stay – especially in light of COVID-19, a rising number of surgeries, and an aging population. Increases in spending will fuel demand for wound care devices, but increased competition and consolidation are impediments to market access. Given the unique market access challenges of wound care, it’s critical to have a partner with specialized experience in this segment.

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The rising prevalence of respiratory diseases, technological advancements, and increasing applications in home healthcare settings were already fueling the respiratory market prior to the pandemic. In the face of COVID-19, the need for respiratory management has erupted across the globe. Medtech companies are now shifting their focus to develop respiratory equipment, making the future marketplace very competitive. To maximize your revenue, it’s critical to have a partner with considerable expertise in respiratory care.

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Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

The market for products comprising the IoMT is growing rapidly due to the ability to improve efficiencies, lower care costs, and drive better outcomes in healthcare. The increasing popularity of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile platforms and their ability to track and manage chronic illnesses, and collect large amounts of data, will continue to have a huge impact on healthcare systems. It’s critical to partner with an expert that understands the key value drivers and has specialized IoMT experience.

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Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is growing more rapidly than ever. As science propels us into an era of highly personalized medicine, there’s a new demand across the healthcare spectrum for precision medicine and genetic therapies. This new landscape is changing rapidly, with advances in regulatory approval and payer/provider adoption occurring daily, and having an expert in your corner as you commercialize is key to ensuring market success.

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