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Podium Presentations

  • Medical conferences attract individuals from all corners of the healthcare ecosystem (healthcare providers, payers, policymakers, and other medtech manufacturers) looking to keep current with trends, learn about emerging clinical information, and participate in professional networking opportunities – providing the ideal opportunity to get your evidence in front of stakeholders.

  • One of the fastest ways to spread scientific data across the healthcare community is through podium and poster presentations at medical conferences.

  • Developing and delivering a successful podium presentation can be challenging, as it requires synthesizing and disseminating a high volume of data (months to years worth of research) into a brief presentation.

  • Medical conferences offer an opportunity to present preliminary results even before they have been published in literature and open the door to receiving insights from other experts in the field.

  • Your podium presentation should be balanced with respect to the relevance of different sections, concentrating on methods and results – especially under strict time constraints.

  • Most medical conferences offer additional activities such as roundtables, mixers, and workshops to encourage networking, and conference organizers often promote speakers online before the event and publish proceedings post-event – multiplying the exposure your organization and findings receive.

  • Our experts have presented research at numerous international conferences, symposiums, and workshops, and have been nominated as recipients of several industry awards recognizing scientific merit; we can help synthesize and disseminate your research into an engaging, award-winning podium presentation.

  • With our understanding of conference attendee demographics, our experts can identify conferences where your research will be best-received and get the exposure it deserves, and provide support in submitting an abstract.

  • Our experts can develop peer-reviewed publications for high-impact journals alongside your presentation to increase exposure.


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