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Clinical-Economic Studies

  • Healthcare decision makers require evidentiary support that their investment will be justified by the benefit derived. Clinical economics research allows you to quantify the relative value of your technology in terms of health outcomes and cost information.

  • While bringing a medical technology to market is dependent on two sequential pathways – regulatory and reimbursement – each with differing evidence requirements, your evidence generation strategy doesn’t have to be uncoordinated.

  • Data obtained through clinical economics research can be used as part of your regulatory strategy and reimbursement/payer strategies, as well as a tool to attract and retain investors.

  • Collecting health economic data alongside your clinical trial in a “piggyback” evaluation can offer a more practical solution than funding standalone economic analysis.

  • When competing technologies are neither more effective nor less expensive than each other, clinical economics can play a role in determining the choice of intervention through demonstration of incremental cost-effectiveness.

  • You can maximize pre-approval clinical studies to serve a dual market access purpose by collecting crucial payer- and provider-focused data.

  • By carefully adding economic endpoints to your planned clinical protocol, our experts can conduct clinical economics research to maximize your studies designed for regulatory approval, generating evidence that meets the needs of regulators, payers, providers and patients.

  • If your studies are already underway and don’t include economic data, we can implement several possible strategies to collect this data, such as collection of enrolled patient billing data from facilities participating in your studies.

  • We can leverage medical resource utilization and charge data gleaned from patient bills to build highly impactful facility-focused and payer-focused value propositions.


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Generate the Evidence Your Stakeholders Require

Contact our experts for clinical economics studies to establish value for providers, payers, and patients from the beginning of your regulatory cycle to decrease your time to market.

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