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Translating Traction

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Manage Your Risk

  • 95% of medtech companies don’t fully understand evidence requirements of payers, health systems and societies who set policy and influence reimbursement and adoption – and almost all of them start thinking about this too late.

  • While you may have missed the opportunity to fully leverage your regulatory studies for market access, there are still many opportunities to leverage the existing studies and data you already have to accelerate adoption and reimbursement.

  • The key to survival and success is having flexible, creative, and credible ways of filling data and evidence gaps to bolster your value proposition.

Optimize Your Opportunity

You have many opportunities to optimize your commercialization pathway and accelerate adoption and payment of your technology.  Our custom solutions, listed below, are a great place to start ideating and we hope you’ll find it informative.  That said, we’re really old school and what we’re most passionate about is helping you, the innovators and leaders who can take healthcare forward.  So we’d love to hear your story.

Scientist conducting research to analyze real world evidence

Real World Evidence

Health economics expert conducting a clinical-economic study using a laptop and calculator.

Clinical-Economic Studies

Scientist conducting mixed-mode research in a lab.

Mixed Mode Studies


Know Where You Stand in the Product Lifecycle

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