Your Data Isn’t in Quarantine

While early vaccine distribution represents a light at the end of the tunnel for the COVID-19 pandemic, we don’t know exactly how long that tunnel is. While we patiently wait for the doors to open on our return to normalcy or the “new” normal, we must brace ourselves for the challenges that still lie ahead and make use of this time by analyzing and sharpening the tools in our companies’ toolkits.

Every company has valuable data somewhere within its organization. How do you make the most of yours?

This valuable data can include:

  • Interviews with clinicians
  • Market research
  • Simulation data
  • First-in-man data
  • Validation data (sensitivity, PPV, NPV)
  • User experiences
  • Early commercial release data
  • Study data – even if your study isn’t yet complete

Determining how to take advantage of the data you already have will better position you for what comes next, whether that be fundraising, arming your sales force, or getting your technology in front of payers and Value Analysis Committees (VACs).

To gain a better understanding of how you can maximize your data, listen to TTi CEO, Dr. April Zambelli-Weiner, discuss unique data opportunities presented by COVID on a recent episode of Med Tech Gurus, or contact us to ensure your post-pandemic success.