Establishing Value for a Mobile App: Demonstrating Cost-Effectiveness

[Confidential Commercial Client]

Our client needed to provide an easy way for health plans to evaluate the ROI and impact of their mHealth application for implementing a prevention program aimed at reducing chronic illness (diabetes and heart disease) in underserved populations on their populations in terms of both clinical and economic endpoints. Application user and prospective user requests for ROI analysis support required expertise in healthcare claims data beyond the client’s bandwidth. TTi developed a user-friendly payer “playbook” that included costs, outcomes, and programmatic data. The playbook was generalizable to a wide variety of users (e.g., employers) in addition to healthcare payers, and in a short 6-week timeframe, it was distributed and implemented by the client. As a result of TTi’s solution, the client was able to maximize market access opportunities by assisting existing and prospective users in evaluating the return on investment (ROI) and cost-effectiveness of the app and program.

The TTi team was always very reliable, thorough, and trustworthy. They do really good quality work and value you as a partner. You can trust that the work they do is going to meet your expectations. We’ve gotten a ton of mileage out of the asset they developed for us.

Senior Director, Clinical Research & Policy, Confidential Commercial Client